Friday, May 18, 2007

Rainy Days

I think I am addicted to sunshine--rainy days just suppress all the good things (well not literally--figuratively speaking). Today was a day that began with an encounter with a person that ended up being an hour long heart to heart talk. It was one those encounters where you hang on every word they are saying because from somewhere deep inside you know that every word they are speaking is coming from their heart and meant for you. It completely came out of the blue. I went in as a "prelim" interview for a new career opportunity and it became a life-changing moment in time.

The next step in the journey is what I choose to do with the words that were spoken to me. Changes in my life need to be made. I need to make them. Funny thing is, they aren't changes that need to be made in my work life, but in my personal life. If you read my post from yesterday, I have already started making those changes and they are bringing me endless joy everyday-but I still have some roadblocks--well i like to refer to them as speed bumps--left to remove.

I always go back to the analogy someone explained to me once--comparing things that hinder us in our lives to weeds in a garden. If you do not periodically pull the weeds out of the garden, they will eventually "take over" and smother the flowers--and after a while, their beauty will no longer be visible. I already have the sunshine (Eh) now I just need to remove the "weeds" to reveal the beauty of the garden.

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